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We handle any plumbing emergency large or small

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Choosing a Plumber

If you do not have a plumber to call when you run into a problem, make sure that you do so before you have an emergency. This will allow you to easily handle you plumbing problems without panicking, as this is a situation where you definitely need to keep calm. If you have an emergency, you also will not have time to properly research the plumbers in your area, so you could end up with someone who has had a bunch of complaints in the past.

Start by talking to friends about the plumbers that they have used and ask about their experiences. Chances are that one of your friends will already have a good plumber and will be able to provide you with the right contact information. It might also help to contact a contractor who is a friend of yours, as they will have heard a great deal about the industry. Contractors who build homes are particularly good people to speak with, as they will use plumbers on these homes.

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If you have the contact information for your realtor from when you purchased your home, contact him or her about plumbing. They might be able to speak with other homeowners on your behalf and provide you with information on who is reputable. Since real estate agents want to keep you as a potential customer, they will be likely to provide you with this information. It would not take much effort for a realtor to ask around the next time they sell a home, so this is a good contact of which to take advantage.

Call the company to see how professionally they handle called. Plumbers who have been in business for a lengthy period of time will likely have receptionists. If a child answers the phone, it is a good indicator that the company is being run out of the home and, therefore, business might not be very good. You should also ask for the plumber’s license number before committing to using him or her, just to make sure that he or she is fully accredited.

Make sure that you ask for a price before the job is started. Experienced plumbers will provide you with an estimate of how much the job will cost and will let you know if this price changes. These plumbers might not be able to provide you with a set amount over the phone, but they should be able to ballpark it if you explain the problem clearly. Also, ask about the plumbing company’s warranty policy before hiring anyone. If the company cannot guarantee that a job will be completed in a set period of time, it shows a lack of experience. While there are exceptions for extremely old houses, most plumbers will also come back and fix a problem that was his or her fault.

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