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Essential Plumbing Tools

Fixing plumbing problems around the house is often a frustrating business as there are many things that can go wrong. For instance, you could start a flood in the bathroom or incorrectly try to fix a clogged drain. Even though it may be tempting to spend money for a professional plumber to fix the problem–and, indeed, he could in short order–you don’t always need to take this route. If you have the essential tools at home to attack the toilet clog or sink problem, you can fix practically anything around the house that doesn’t require special expertise.


There are several types of plungers that you should keep around the house at all times. A cup plunger is one such plunger. Cup plungers typically have a flat mouth and are used to clear sink, tub and shower clogs. You do not want to attempt to use a cup plunger on a toilet as it is simply not strong enough to clear any clog with the toilet.

The other two types of plungers include the flange plunger and the bellows plunger. The flange plunger is also referenced as the “ball plunger,” and this can be used on the toilet. The special shape at the bottom helps seal the toilet surface when you need to plunge, unlike a cup plunger. For more serious toilet clogs–and for those times which you want to skip the use of the flange plunger–you need to keep a bellows plunger in the house. A bellows plunger also is used for the toilet, but is more powerful than either the cup or the flange plunger.

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There are basically two types of augers that you can use for plumbing issues with the sink or toilet. The sink auger is shaped link a circular drum and should only be used on sink clogs. You can use this for either the sink or bathtub to clear clogs and get rid of other debris. On the other hand, toilets require the use of a closet auger or toilet auger. This is a specialized tool used specifically for toilet clogs. If you have one of these tools, it is no substitute for a sink auger if you’re working with problems regarding the sink or bathtub.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench

A simple yet crucial tool that you should keep in your toolbox is the adjustable pipe wrench. Not only is it a classic symbol of the plumbing industry and plumbers in general, but it can help tremendously when dealing with stubborn pipes and getting the grip you need. Like an adjustable crescent wrench, the pipe wrench also allows you to tighten it around a pipe or other round object. The adjustable pipe wrench increases pressure on the object while you turn it, allowing you to quickly remove pipes and other fixtures.

Teflon Tape

Though everyone says that duct tape fixes everything, Teflon is the go-to type of tape when dealing with leakages in the bathroom, basement or even kitchen. Teflon tape can be purchased for very little at any retail or hardware store. You can use it to seal pipe connections securely, ensuring no leakages occur.

Overall, keeping a variety of plumbing tools around the house is a smart idea to ensure that you have the correct tools to fix and repair issues as they arise. From closet augers to the right kind of plunger, every homeowner should be equipped to handle common problems in the bathroom or even kitchen.

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