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Plumbing Snakes

A plumbing snake is a very useful item to have around the home because it can clear a number of different things out of a home’s pipes. When a drain becomes clogged, it will not remove water from the pipes properly. In the end, this can lead to major problems, as a backed up drainage system can cause water and other materials to end up on your floor. Often times, these blockages will be the result of a sold piece of debris that was not broken down enough to pass through the drainage system. A snake, however, can help you to remove this debris quickly and easily, which will allow you to use your drainage system as you did previously.

Many articles of debris are particularly difficult to reach when unclogging a drain, as they end up pretty far down the pipe. As a result, you will have to put the snake a fair ways down the drain in order to get the required results. These snakes are meant to reach up to 50 feet down, which is good news if you end up in this position. These snakes are made from sturdy enough metal that they can force large pieces of debris out of the drainage system without breaking. This is one of the only tools you will need when unclogging a drain, as the next step would be to call a plumber.

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There are a number of different plumbing snakes available. The first type is a hand wound snake that works well in most homes. For more advanced jobs, a drum-loaded snake might be necessary, as these snakes can break debris down more efficiently. Some snakes rotate and work out the debris that way, as the constant movement is enough to move almost anything out of the pipes. Professional plumbers will often use snakes with a camera, as this allows them to see what the obstruction is and what can be done to remove it. The type of snake that you need will be highly dependent on the size of the job that you wish to undertake.

Make sure that you clean your snake thoroughly after it has been used. There is a great deal of bacteria in your pipes that can make you sick if you leave it laying around afterward. Many people choose to use a bleach solution on the snake, as this will not only kill bacteria, but also odor. You might have to remove some objects by hand before soaking the snake, so make sure that you have rubber gloves for this part of the process. Soak the snake for at least 24 hours to make sure that all of the bacteria have been killed. Rinse it off with a hose after soaking to ensure that everything has been removed.

A plumbing snake is a great way to save on a plumber’s bill because it allows you to fix many household problems yourself. These items can be inexpensive, so make sure that you look into one if you have had problems with your pipes in the past.

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