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Septic Tanks: An Important Part of Suburban Plumbing

Septic tanks have been used by suburban homes for many years.  It is a way for homes in rural areas to dispose of waste when they are not hooked up to the public sewage system. This might seem like an outdated system for treating waste, however it is actually very well suited for homeowners who wish to be more environmentally friendly.  This is because when homeowners have a septic tank, the sewage is broken down by bacteria as opposed to chemical treatments that are usually used by public or government facilities.  Although this is a good option for those that condone the green movement, there are still a few other interesting things that you should know about them.  Before you purchase a home with a septic tank, understand how they work and how they fit in with the regular plumbing system of your home.


Septic tanks dispose the waste that your household generates.  The waste from your home will flow into a septic tank, where it is held until it is broken down via a bacteria process.  Once it has been broken down, the sewage then flows from the septic tank through various pipes and seeps into the grass and trees.


There are different types of septic tank collection systems such as the jet stream system, the biocycle system, the oasis system and the most used traditional system.  Each of these systems work basically the same way to help your home’s plumbing system to remove waste.  They all have different variations of how the sewage from your home is captured, treated and released.  Some have only one tank for collecting sewage, whereas others may have two or more.  Before you decide upon a type make sure your home is suited for that particular selection.

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In order for septic tanks to function properly, they must be maintained on a regular basis, pumped out every few years and inspected at least once a year.  If you follow this routine, you can go many years before you will ever have to have one replaced.


Homeowners with septic tanks tend to panic when they have clogged drains.  Because of various urban legends, they tend to jump the gun and automatically assume that it is the septic tank when the clog in question is usually something simple that has to do with regular household plumbing.  Before tackling the septic tank, homeowners should make sure that the problem does not lie with their main line or fixture line first.  If the problem is not found within the household, then it would be wise to speak with your plumber about inspecting your septic tank to figure out what is causing the drainage problem.

In conclusion, just like any other plumbing feature, septic tanks have both disadvantages and advantages.  They are a wonderful solution for those who want to be environmentally friendly, but at the same time, many homeowners consider them to be a hassle to maintain.  Whatever viewpoint that you may have, the fact remains that they are a very important part of the suburban waste disposal system.

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