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Your Home’s Plumbing System, It’s There When You Most Need It

Each and every morning you wake up and go to the office so that you can continue to provide a loving home for you and your family.  But everyone in your family knows that you are not a morning person at all.  The first thing that you usually do in the morning is drag out of bed, head to the bathroom and jump into the shower.  A cold shower is the only thing that gives you that jolt of needed energy to start your active day.  After you get out of the shower and get dressed, you immediately head down to the kitchen to savor your first cup of coffee.  No one in the family approaches you until you have had your morning Joe. Besides your cold morning shower, your pitch black coffee is the only thing that gives you the motivation and energy to face the long day. In addition, these things make it possible for the world to tolerate you on a daily basis.

However, what would happen if you were not able to take that long cold shower each and every day?  Or, how would you be able to face the day without your morning cup of strong black coffee?  You would probably be a total wreck.  These are things that you probably take for granted.   However, being able to access these things on a daily basis without fail has a lot to do with your home’s plumbing system.  This system is basically all of the appliances, water pipes and fixtures that bring water into your home and then eventually dispose of it. This can be anything from your pumps, faucets, kitchen sink, bathtub, water heater, toilet and drains.

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As you can see, your morning routine depends heavily on a combination of these things working properly.  Without them, you would not be able to tackle your busy day as planned.  What you see as just an everyday cold shower and cup of piping hot coffee, would not be possible without your home’s plumbing system working effortlessly without failure.

To explain things a little bit more, this system is designed to bring fresh water into your home and to take wastewater out of your home.  Generally, water enters your home in a pressurized state and is then able to travel to different areas of your home such as the toilet, bathtub, shower and kitchen sink.  Once it comes into the home it is then split into two lines, which are for cold and hot water usage.  The cold water is ready to be used, but the hot water has to go through other processes such as a hot water heater and temperature gauge before it can be used.  Once the fresh water source has been depleted, there are other lines that are reserved for disposing it.

All of this information may seem overwhelming or confusing, but your home’s plumbing system has been carefully thought out and will probably operate for the first couple of years without incident.  It is not until you make adjustments to this system via home improvements that you can possibly mess with the timing of the things that are already set in place.  Simply put, your home’s plumbing system is finely tuned and ready to handle your current needs.

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